TED-Ed behind the scenes

Recently people have been asking about how I made the Solar Eclipse animation for TED-Ed.  I thought i’d upload some images I took along the way as a bit of a “making of” for anyone who’s interested.

First, I produced several styleframes of possible looks for the production.




The practical look seemed to get people making happy noises, and I really liked the kitch, 50’s B sci fi feel of it, so I went with that. Unfortunately, Earth 1.0 blew over in the wind immediately after I took the photo used in the style frame and smashed all over the ground.


I set about making a new earth, a better earth.  An earth sculpted in plastercine, molded in silicone and cast in ultracal. And I had the mold, so if I dropped this one, I could easily make another!

eclipseworking_03 eclipseworking_04

This is the final model of earth 2.0 and the moon used in the practical shoot. The earth is made of solid plaster, and the moon is plaster on a polystyrene ball.


I shot the models in several different lighting conditions depending on the shot, including a flat lit version that could be post lit for shots where the light needed to change over time.  I had originally intended to do these shots stop motion, but time and resources blah blah blah.. The photos were cleaned up in photoshop and the elements composited in after effects.


These exquisite, one of a kind, hand crafted miniatures are now for sale…
To the highest bidder of course. :)


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